Monday, October 26, 2015

Stop Rodents from Taking up Residence in Your Home

Rodents that take up residence in your home can harm you and your family by spreading disease and illnesses. Follow these tips to keep these pests out of your home all year long.

Seal up Your Home

You will need to seal up the cracks and openings in your home to keep rodents away. These include any cracks or openings that are large enough to squeeze a pencil through, which is all it takes for a rodent to find its way into your home.

For small holes, you should seal the areas up using:

• Caulk
• Steel wool

For larger holes, use the following materials:

• Concrete canvas
• Lath or sheet metal
• Hardware cloth

Clean up the Garage and Outdoor Areas

Your garage could contain spilled grass or plant seed, which are an open invitation to most rodents. You will need to clean these things up, and store any trash around the garage or outside of the home in a metal container. Clean out gutters and overhangs, which are places where rodents like to build nests.

Setting Traps

If the rodents have already invaded your home, you will need to set traps to get them out. It is a good idea to use green trap options, such as glue boards or snap traps. You will need to set the traps in areas where you have noticed rodent droppings.

For best results, you can hire a pest control company that will take the right steps to protect your home from rodents year-round.