Monday, June 22, 2015

4 Reasons to Hate Cockroaches Even More

Cockroaches are the scourge of the earth. Just hearing the name of these creatures is enough to send some people scrambling for cover. Those hairy legs, hideous wings, and unnerving antennae are the makings of a cruel nightmare. If that’s not cause enough for you to hate them, then one of these reasons surely will be

They multiply rapidly

Cockroaches breed continuously. Some species can even breed up to six generations a year. That’s not even mentioning the female’s capacity to pop out a whole colony’s worth of eggs in a single cycle.

They eat anything

Cockroaches like to eat sweets, meats, and starches—the same things that your food is made of. That being said, cockroaches mainly eat what’s available to them—hair, books, nails, skin—you name it. They also have a penchant for human waste, making them a notorious spreader of diseases and parasites.

They thrive in clutter

The phrase “One’s trash is another’s treasure” perfectly applies to cockroaches. A trash bin filled with leftovers may be useless to you, but it’s a treasure trove for cockroaches. Your bathroom where you leave much of your bodily waste? They consider it their playground.

They fly

Nothing instills fear like a flying cockroach. One moment, you see those flat wisped wings twitch and spread out; the next thing you know, you’re running for your life.

When you have cockroaches at home, you need to get rid of them at all costs. Hire a reliable exterminator from your area for best results.