Friday, May 1, 2015

Are Carpenter Bees Infesting Your Home?

Spring is almost over, but certain notable occurrences from this season can linger beyond the mild months. Take pest infestations for instance; certain critters make their presence known every spring, and carpenter bees are no exception. During this time, male and female bees of this species mate, which can be bothersome to humans as they destroy property to build a home for their family.

Typical Nest Sightings
These carpenter bees start building nests around springtime, and these could be within the parts of your home made of dry, unfinished, or unpainted wood. That includes your walls, ceiling, deck, and some furniture. The tunnels they burrow, which you’ll see as round holes with sawdust piles and possibly a trail of yellowish excrement, are typically half an inch in diameter and anywhere between 6 inches to several feet in length.

Observing the Actual Bees
Unlike bumble bees, carpenter bees have a shiny and hairless abdomen (the upper side of their body) and breed in wood rather than in the ground. A male bee could be spotted flying around the nesting holes as a guard for the female. If the whole mating process started last spring, the baby carpenter bees could start emerging from these holes this season.
Whenever you suspect a carpenter bee infestation (or any other type of bee invasion), be sure to call for professional bee removal to properly identify the pests, remove them completely, and prevent them from coming back.